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The choice you have made to utilize distance education as your method of learning can make all the difference! Our Illinois proficiency exam prep course allows you to study for the proficiency exam from the comfort of your home or office!

Because our mission is enabling students to achieve their goal of gaining the most from each and every real estate educational experience, Career WebSchool exclusively offers the finest Illinois proficiency exam prep course available. Built on twenty years of documented success, Career WebSchool is the Nation’s premier distance education provider.

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Career WebSchool was absolutely perfect for me. The online course allowed me to learn at my pace and also work on it around my schedule. I definitely would have had a difficult time learning the same material in a classroom environment. I have found that it is actually harder to stay focused in the classroom setting! More often than not, the in–class delivery tends do go off topic and I occasionally feel that my time could have been better spent taking these classes through Career WebSchool.

The progressive learning format of the Career WebSchool course made sure that I fully understood the subject and topics before moving on. This gave me confidence that I was not only learning the new material, but also retaining it. …I particularly liked that I was able to refresh my knowledge by retaking completed reviews and test. This allowed me to narrow down the subject matter that I needed additional work on. I went back and re–took all the reviews and tests a few days before my end of course exam and felt very good about all the subject matter that I had learned.

Alana P.

Career WebSchool: Career WebSchool has offered the most effective online real estate licensing courses since 1989. Career Web School Illinois is an online real estate school offering real estate agents an easy, cost–effective method of completing their Illinois real estate education requirements. In addition to offering exam prep, you may also complete your continuing education courses with ease.

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