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Take West Virginia Home Inspection Training from the comfort of your home!

The choice you have made to utilize distance education as your method of learning can make all the difference!  So, join the 750,000 and growing number of students achieving greater success using our proven distance education solutions.  The West Virginia Home Inspector Master Curriculum has everything you need to complete your initial West Virginia Home Inspection Training and become a West Virginia Home Inspector!

Career changes are never easy; ask anyone.  And, if you think about it, one of the few pleasures of change would be achieving your goal of insuring you’ve established a solid foundation of knowledge by taking your home inspection education from a quality West Virginia Real Home Inspection School. 

Without a doubt, the first decision is whether to take the West Virginia Home Inspection Training courses in-class or online.  Adding to that challenge is choosing a home inspection school that gives you the best chance for success as a home inspection professional.  The key to success in today’s Home Inspection profession is not only knowledge and innovation – but also making a wise decision - day one.  Choosing an education provider with a Proven Track Record Guarantees you have the foundation of knowledge to succeed.

Because our mission is enabling students to achieve their goal of becoming a successful home inspector, Career WebSchool exclusively offers the highest quality online home inspection courses.  Built on twenty years of documented success, we’re the ONLY online Home Inspection education provider offering courses delivered using the proven Mastery and Fluency education methodology. Our first time passing rates meet or exceed any other provider including in-class instruction!

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You can be on your way to becoming a West Virginia Home Inspector in just One Click! Simply select your choice of the format for course delivery to the right to begin the registration process for the West Virginia Home Inspection course.

Thanks for the very helpful response. It gives me much more confidence about signing up for a web-based class. Your response differentiates your school from your competition in a favorable way, because your answers appeared to be customized for me, not just cut and pasted from a marketing document.

Just for your information, the other online home inspection schools I have been considering could not be bothered to personally respond to my email, so they failed that test from me. (If they can't answer an email, how do I know they will be responsive to me as a student?)

 D Gedney - Texas

Fully Accredited

Our online delivery system for home inspection courses is based on the standards of the American Society of Home Inspections (ASHI). The ASHI standards insure the best quality in delivery and support is routinely delivered to the student.  Online Home Inspection Schools displaying this seal have met the high standards of quality required by ASHI for online real estate home inspection courses. Our courses are also approved for ASHI and NAHI (National Association of Home Inspectors) renewal credits.

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Career WebSchool Home Inspection School has offered online real estate pre-license courses since 1989 and online real estate appraisal training since 2001. Career Web School West Virginia is an Online Home Inspection School offering prospective home inspectors an easy, cost-effective method of getting their home inspection training.  Existing home inspectors may satisfy ASHI and NAHI renewal credits with ease as well. All of our home inspection courses are APPROVED by ASHI and NAHI.

How to Become a Home Inspector in West Virginia

Many states do not license home inspectors. Career WebSchool offers a 120 Master Curriculum for students starting from scratch in the industry. We also offer a 60 hour home inspection training course for students with prior experience in a construction related field. Students can complete these courses to learn everything they need to get started in the industry. Students can also become certified by ASHI or NAHI by completed their certification exam. Please visit their website for further information at or

How does a Home Inspection Training Course work?

Each West Virginia Home Inspection course is divided into lessons that take about 20-30 minutes on the average. Each lesson consists of text with multiple choice questions mixed in. The text is presented one small, easy-to-understand sentence or paragraph at a time. After a few screens of text, you willanswer a few questions about what you have read. As you progress through the lesson, thelearning processkeeps track of how you are doing on the questions. After all the text is presented, the computer will go back to the questions you missed or had problemswith and review them in random order. You'll keep working on the lesson until you've answered all the questions correctly on two occasions. At that point, the lesson will be marked as complete on the main menu. You can quit a lesson at any time and a bookmark will save your place, so you don't have to repeat work you've already done when you return to a lesson.

Completing the Home Inspection Training Course

Depending on the format you have chosen for delivery, all the lessons for the home inspection courses are completed on your computer via the internet or installed on your computer if you chose the CD-ROM format. Each hour of approved credit will take approximately one hour of computer time to complete. For example; the 60-hour West Virginia Home Inspection Fast Track  course will take approximately 60 hours to complete. You may access the online home inspection course immediately and begin working as soon as you complete the registration process. If you choose a delivery format such as CD-ROM, it will ship to you via UPS.