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Due to regulator mandated requirements, you must successfully complete the 2016-2017 15-Hour Equivalent USPAP Course prior to the end of December 31, 2017 in order to receive credit towards your qualification education.

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  1. $219.00

    2016-2017 15-Hour Equivalent USPAP Course

    Understand your role and responsibility as an appraiser. This mandatory course gives you a foundation in appraisal from a national level. The content centers on the rules and regulations set in the USPAP that define what ethical behavior and competent actions are for the role of the appraiser. Learn what an appraiser does and the importance of impartiality in this industry. Learn the application…
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 15
    • SKU: 558LA17065001
  2. $349.00

    Basic Appraisal Principles

    Gain a foundation in appraisal principles. This course is an introduction to topics including legal considerations, what influences the value of real estate, real property concepts and characteristics, principles of economics, types of value and real estate markets and analysis, ethical considerations and highest and best use. This 30 hour course fulfills the Real Property Appraiser Qualification …
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 30
    • SKU: 558LA063001
  3. $349.00

    Basic Appraisal Procedures

    Want thorough insight into the process of valuation? Then this course is for you! During this 30-hour curriculum, students will learn the three approaches used by appraisers to reach the opinion of value (income capitalization, sales comparison and cost) and how to derive multipliers and rates. Also included is a guide through the sales comparison approach, which is comprised of checking the…
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 30
    • SKU: 558LA014001
  4. $749.00

    75-hour Real Estate Appraiser Trainee Package

    Complete with 75 hours of the new Associate Real Estate Appraiser Qualification Criteria for Louisiana, this package includes three courses: Basic Appraisal Principles, Basic Appraisal Procedures, and the 2016-201715-Hour Equivalent USPAP Course. Also included in this package is the USPAP Manual eBook.
    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 75
    • SKU: 558LA026001