California 45-Hour Second and Subsequent Renewal Package (#6095)

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45 Credit Hours

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This comprehensive package provides everything you need to ensure you complete your second and subsequent renewals for both salesperson and broker. It includes all the mandatory courses on Ethics, Agency, Fair Housing, Trust Fund Handling, Risk Management, and Management and Supervision. 

The package includes the following courses:

Agency: Learn about the different types of agency relationships, purpose of the law of agency, dual agency and more.

Ethics in Real Estate: Learn the importance of ethical behavior in the practice of real estate and how ethical standards can improve or harm your career and the profession. Review ethics as it relates to advertising and pricing, how to maintain high ethical standards, the types of ethical complaints commonly made and how to avoid and respond to those complaints.

Ethics:  Disclosure and Cooperation: Form the ethical responsibilities of agents involving disclosures to ethical issues relating to compensation, this practical course—which follows the NAR-mandated curriculum for the NAR-required ethics course—explores the challenges involved in ethical decision-making.

Ethics:  Pricing, Offers and Advertising: This course—which follows the NAR-mandated curriculum for the NAR-required ethics course—includes a must-have guide that serves as a blueprint for providing information on making ethical decisions regarding pricing, offers and ads.

Fair Housing: Protect your clients' interests and understand their rights regarding the American Disabilities Act and Fair Housing laws. Also, learn about the history and purpose of laws against discrimination and real estate practices of blockbusting, steering, and redlining.

Listing and Selling HUD Homes: With more than 40,000 HUD homes available annually, it is important to understand how the HUD selling process works. This course teaches you how homes enter the HUD home selling market and how to interact within a HUD transaction.

California Broker Management and Supervision: Learn about appointing a broker to manage the real estate activity of a corporation, branch, or office and assigning a broker to supervise other licensees.  This course will also cover the responsibilities for managing trust funds, trust fund accounts, and advertising practices of a real estate company.

Real Estate Law: Understand the law as it applies to the practice of real estate. Learn your role as an agent and fiduciary, the four required elements for a valid contract, the differences between contract and tort law and more.

California 8-Hour Survey Course: This course covers an overview of Ethics, Agency, Trust Fund Accounting, Fair Housing, Risk Management and Management and Supervision.

Risk Management: Get an overview of how to minimize your liability and learn about the importance of establishing agency policies, developing effective marketing and advertising practices, anti-discrimination practices and how to reduce risk by maintaining proper records.

Short Sales: Get the knowledge you need to assist clients with short sales. Review sale transactions, short sale alternatives, the HAFA and HAMP program, and the impact of short sales on buyers, sellers and lenders.

Trust Fund Handling: Get a thorough understanding of client trust accounts. Learn about broker responsibility, the purpose of trust accounts and their requirements, various recordkeeping systems and what they contain.

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