Five Reasons
To Become a Real Estate Appraiser

Find out if a career in appraisal is right for you

1. Not stuck at a desk all day, every day

Appraisers spend a good amount of their work week at properties performing the inspections.

2. Great potential income

Appraisers can make up to six figures annually in some areas of the United States once they have the needed job history and education.*

3. Flexible hours

Like a career in real estate, appraisers don't have to keep a strict 9-5 schedule. This can be beneficial for parents as it offers added flexibility.

4. Steady industry

Working in the field of appraisal is more stable than working in real estate. Why? Real estate agents only get paid if a property sells. Appraisals must take place for mortgage lending, tax purposes, real estate transactions like short-sells and foreclosures, leasing needs and even government acquisition purposes.

An appraiser's pay is not contingent on a sale. Appraisers get paid regardless of a sale because appraisals must be made for sales to happen.

5. You can get your education on your terms

YOU pick when you study. YOU set the pace. No classroom time is required!

Appraisers have careers that are flexible, family-friendly, and stable with significant earning potential. Sound like something you might enjoy? Click the button to learn more about our appraisal license qualifying packages.

*According to in September of 2014. The median income for appraisers of real estate in May of 2012 per the Department of Labor Statistics was $49,540.