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OnCourse Learning Real Estate, formerly Career Webschool, contains everything needed to satisfy Arizona's state real estate salesperson continuing education requirements. As a comprehensive and affordable Arizona real estate school online, we invite you to continue your successful career in real estate with OnCourse Learning, formerly Career Webschool.

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  1. $129.00

    Arizona Master Exam Prep Package

    Prepare to pass your national real estate exam with these OnCourse Learning Real Estate exam prep tools.

    The Arizona Master Exam Prep Package includes all the tools you’ll need to prepare for the national information on your upcoming real estate license exam.

    This package includes:
    National Real Estate Prep xL - Pearson Vue: This sophisticated exam prep tool uses adaptive learning technology to…

    • Format: Bundle
    • SKU: 509AZ037001
  2. $99.00

    Arizona License Renewal Package

    Fulfill the Arizona requirement for 24 hours of real estate CE for Salespersons with this package.

    This renewal package contains the following 6 courses:

    1. Consensual Dual Agency (3-Hours): This course offers you an understanding of the potential conflict of interest involved in dual agency as well as best practices and procedures for protecting yourself and your agency through documentation…

    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 24
    • SKU: 503AZ115001
  3. $59.00

    National Real Estate Prep xL - Pearson Vue

    Prep xL by OnCourse Learning is a sophisticated exam prep tool that leverages adaptive learning technology to tailor study materials to meet your individual needs. Its personalized learning paths provide the optimal study experience to prepare you for the national information on your upcoming real estate license exam. This product should be used only after completion of the state pre-licensing…

    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • SKU: national-pearsonvue-re-C
  4. $49.00

    Arizona 9-Hour Broker Management Clinic CE Package


    Need to complete your mandatory broker management courses? This comprehensive package fulfills all 9 hours required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate. In these courses you will learn about marketing and advertising, broker supervision, risk management, policy development, managing complaints and more. Get started today! 

    Arizona Broker Management Clinic 1 (3 hours): This course covers…

    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 9
    • SKU: 503AZ306001
  5. $35.00

    Structuring Ownership in Commercial Real Estate (6-Hours Legal Issues)

    The many different types of ownership available in commercial real estate and their implications are covered in this course. Issues addressed include liability, taxes, regulations, set up, and management as well as the benefits and drawbacks to each.

    This course meets 6 hours of Legal Issues credit.

    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 6
    • SKU: 503AZ022001
  6. $35.00

    Sales Comparison Approach (6-Hours General Credit)

    Gain insight into how the sales comparison approach to valuation works. This course takes a step-by-step look at the approach. Additionally, this course covers the process for data collections as well as different ways that adjustments can be estimated. Example problems help students to better retain and apply the information. This course satisfies 6 hours of General Real Estate credit.
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 6
    • SKU: 503AZ021001
  7. $35.00

    Commercial Sales and Exchanges (3-Hours Legal/3-Hours Contract Law)

    Fully understand all the facets of commercial sales and tax deferred exchanges in commercial real estate. This elective course takes a deep dive into the particulars of the commercial contract, procedures for closing, and essential documentation for commercial sales. Additionally, this course contains insight into the requisites for and advantages of tax deferred exchanges.This course meets 3…
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 6
    • SKU: 503AZ020001
  8. $35.00

    Commercial Leases (6-Hours Contract Law)

    Leases can be a huge source of commission for agents looking to pursue commercial real estate. This course offers the need-to-know information for the 3 major types of commercial leases: office, retail and industrial. Highlights include: major negotiation points, how to determine rent based on formulas, and technical concerns exclusive to industrial leases.This course meets 6 hours of Contract…
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 6
    • SKU: 503AZ019001
  9. $19.00

    Concepts in Appraising Green Residential Buildings

    Green construction continues to grow in popularity all over the world and can make an impact when appraising residential buildings. This 3-hour continuing education course will help real estate appraisers understand the definition of environmentally-friendly residences, the organizations that certify environmentally-friendly buildings as well as what green building techniques, features and…
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • SKU: 503AZ307001
  10. $19.00

    Arizona Broker Management Clinic 3 (3-Hours Supervision)

    All designated brokers or self-employed brokers are regulated and governed by laws, rules, governmental entities, agencies, codes, and ordinances. This 3-hour course focuses on a variety of responsibilities required by the Arizona Department of Real Estate including office policy manual, broker risk management, broker supervision, legal obligations, delegation of authority and define what each of …
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • SKU: 503AZ305001