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    Kentucky Master Exam Prep Package

    Prepare to pass your national real estate exam with these OnCourse Learning Real Estate exam prep tools.

    The Kentucky Master Exam Prep Package includes all the tools you’ll need to prepare for the national information on your upcoming real estate license exam.

    This package includes:
    National Real Estate Prep xL - PSI: This sophisticated exam prep tool uses adaptive learning technology to develop …

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    National Real Estate Prep xL - PSI

    Prep xL by OnCourse Learning is a sophisticated exam prep tool that leverages adaptive learning technology to tailor study materials to meet your individual needs. Its personalized learning paths provide the optimal study experience to prepare you for the national information on your upcoming real estate license exam. This product should be used only after completion of the state pre-licensing…

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    Kentucky Renewal Package 1

    Complete the 3-hour elective and 3-hour Legal Topics continuing education requirement for real estate agents in Kentucky with this renewal package.

    The 2 courses included are:

    1. Ethics in Real Estate
    2. Tax Free Exchanges

    **This does not fulfill the core requirement of 6 hours that are mandatory for the state once every 4 years.

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    • Credit Hours: 6
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    Professional Property Management

    As a professional property manager, you must attempt to balance the needs of property owners with the needs of tenants. To accomplish this, professional property managers need to understand elements of leasing, rent collection, market dynamics, resident retention and building maintenance functions. Explore these important topics for both residential and commercial property management in this…

    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • SKU: 503KY210001
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    Ethics: Pricing, Offers and Advertising

    This Ethics course follows the NAR-mandated curriculum for the NAR-required Ethics course. In day-to-day real estate transactions, real estate professionals are forced to make decisions that require ethical reasoning. Ethics: Pricing, Offers and Ads explores the agent's obligation to protect a client?s interest, plus looks at an agent's duties with regard to advertising himself and a property.…

    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • SKU: 503KY203001
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    Qualifying the Buyer Under New Regulations

    This must-have course addresses the fundamental role of real estate agents in the mortgage lending process. With so many changes affecting the ability of potential homebuyers to obtain loans, it is imperative for real estate agents to understand the complexities of today's market. The course discusses how to qualify buyers, as well as the pitfalls to avoid in that process. The qualified mortgage…

    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • SKU: 503KY296001
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    People Management in Real Estate

    How do you successfully recruit and hire new agents? How do you retain good people once you get them? The answer to both these questions is the same- it's about people management. Explore the fundamentals of attracting and recruiting new agents to your firm. Identify the training needs of new and experienced licensees, plus look at effective tools and techniques for retaining good talent within…

    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • SKU: 503KY209001
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    Minimizing Risk with Effective Practices

    There’s no question about it: In today’s real estate environment, knowing how to avoid legal problems is essential. This must-have-course provides an overview of how to minimize your liability. You’ll learn about the importance of establishing agency policies, developing effective marketing and advertising practices, effective anti-discrimination practices, plus how to reduce your risk by…

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    • Credit Hours: 3
    • SKU: 503KY295001
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    Listing and Selling HUD Homes

    With more than 40,000 HUD homes available annually, it is important for licenses to understand how the HUD selling process works. This course teaches licensees how homes enter the HUD home selling market, and how licensees and HUD contractors (field service managers and asset managers) interact within a HUD transaction. Discussed are HUD's online bidding process, the registration for licensees…

    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3
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    Introduction to Brokerage Management

    Are you ready to take on the leading role as managing broker? In today’s results-focused workplace, you need a solid understanding of management functions, the importance of strategic thinking, and how to analyze the financial condition of the company. If you want to build your leadership role and lead your company to a winning performance, —this groundbreaking course is for you!

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    • Credit Hours: 3
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