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  1. $29.00

    ADA and Fair Housing

    Protect your clients' interests and understand their rights regarding the American Disabilities Act and Fair Housing laws. This course offers in-depth insight into the ADA and Fair Housing which affect most areas of real estate.

    (Meets 3-Hour Mandatory ADA Requirement)

    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3.75
    • SKU: 503NY011001
  2. $59.00

    Property Valuation: Cost Approach Overview

    Using a hands-on approach to understanding valuation of a property from a cost approach standpoint, this course helps students learn by walking through various examples as the study material progresses. This course focuses on the various methods for estimating cost as well as calculating depreciation.
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 7.5
    • SKU: 503NY023001
  3. $59.00

    Property Valuation: Income Capitalization Overview

    Learn all the steps included in the income approach to home and property valuation. This course dives into how to estimate rates of capitalization as well as income and expenses. Highlights include coverage of yield capitalization and direct capitalization as well as multiple examples designed specifically to help students better absorb and fully comprehend the material covered.
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 7.5
    • SKU: 503NY036001
  4. $59.00

    Property Valuation: Sales Comparison Approach

    Gain insight into how the sales comparison approach to valuation works. This course takes a step-by-step look at the approach. Additionally, this course covers the process for data collections as well as different ways that adjustments can be estimated. Example problems help students to better retain and apply the information.
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 7.5
    • SKU: 503NY080001
  5. $29.00

    Short Sales and Foreclosures

    This course is an overview of short sale transactions, alternatives to short sales, how short sales affect buyers, lenders and sellers, the Home Affordable Modification Program (both HAMP Tier 1 and 2 are included) and the Home Affordable Foreclosure Alternative (HAFA II/Short Sale). Highlights include defining what a licensee's role is in a short sale and how to put together the packet needed in …
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3.75
    • SKU: 503NY085001
  6. $59.00

    Structuring Ownership in a Commercial Real Estate

    Commercial real estate is very different from residential. This course breaks down in detail the different types of property ownership that are mainly unique to commercial real estate. The topics of each included are taxes, set up, regulations, liability, management, benefits and drawbacks.
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 7.5
    • SKU: 503NY074001
  7. $59.00

    Tax Advantages of Home Ownership

    What types of tax benefits are unique to homeowners? This course gives the student insight into different kinds of homeowner benefits and also teaches how to calculate taxes that can affect the purchase of a home. This is an elective real estate continuing education course.
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 7.5
    • SKU: 503NY075001
  8. $29.00

    Tax Free Exchanges

    Learn all about tax free exchanges. This course is an excellent introduction to the implications of tax free exchanges for investment properties in residential real estate. Learn what is required to qualify for a tax free exchange, what different kinds of exchanges are available and also various ways that the title can be transferred for the purpose of an exchange.
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3.75
    • SKU: 503NY077001
  9. $119.00

    New York 22.5-Hour Commercial CE

    Complete the 22.5-hour continuing education requirement for New York salespersons and brokers and keep your focus on commercial real estate with this package.

    It consists of 4 courses:

    1. Commercial Leases
    2. Commercial Finance and Investment Analysis
    3. Ethics in Real Estate (meets Agency Requirement)
    4. ADA and Fair Housing (meets Fair Housing requirement)
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 22.5
    • SKU: 503NY149001
  10. $119.00

    New York 22.5-Hour Residential CE

    This package fulfills the New York real estate salesperson and broker 22.5 hour CE requirement.

    It contains 4 courses:

    1. Pricing Property to Sell
    2. Methods of Residential Finance
    3. ADA and Fair Housing (meets Fair Housing Requirement)
    4. Ethics in Real Estate (meets Agency Requirement).
    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 22.5
    • SKU: 503NY151001

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  3. Broker License Renewal Package (22.5 Hours)
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