School Policy


OnCourse Learning is an e-learning partner that empowers companies and professionals to improve, achieve and aspire. For more than 40 years, OnCourse Learning has been delivering continuing education, pre-licensing and corporate training. Top companies and millions of professionals nationwide know us by our premier brands in regulated industries, including, ProSchools, OnCourse Learning Real Estate, formerly Career Webschool, TrainingPro, California License and AHIT (American Home Inspectors Training). Consolidated as OnCourse Learning, we bring together the nation’s best-in-class brands and a multi-disciplinary education solution to enhance professions, guide career paths, and start new careers.

We are dedicated to taking learning to the next level by launching new products, such as our OnCourse Learning technology platform, and by continuing to build on a curriculum that has already surpassed 10,000 courses. The continued development of better technology to support education will shape the future of OnCourse Learning.

Hours of Operation:

Students may access their courses online immediately upon enrollment. Courses are accessible to students at any time within the enrollment period. The administrative staff hours of operation are: M-F 7:30am – 7:30pm (CT). Email support is available during normal business hours. The OnCourse Learning staff office is closed in recognition for the following holidays: New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. On occasions, the office may close early due to inclement weather or on the day prior to a holiday.

Our instructors will be happy to assist you with any questions regarding course content. They can be reached at 800-532-7649 or email during normal business hours. While our instructors make every effort to answer your questions in a timely manner, they are committed to responding within a 24-hour window.

Tuition Policy:

All students are required to pay the full amount of tuition before the start of the course. The school does not offer financial aid or any other type of financing. Tuition may be paid in any of the following forms: credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, and American Express), money order, or certified check. If a student’s credit card transaction is charged back by the card issuing bank after the issuance of a certificate of completion to the student, that certificate will be invalidated.

Enrollment Policies:

Students may enroll in our courses at any time by going to websites or by calling our enrollment office at 888-553-1267. Our enrollment policy allows students 180 days to complete the course and applicable exam with the option to purchase additional time (unless it is not permissible by your state licensing board). Extensions may be purchased in monthly increments for $50. Students must complete all coursework within one year of enrollment. If for any reason a student must retake the course, the re-enrollment fee is 50% off the original course cost. All students must be at least 18 years of age and have either a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to receive credit for our courses. Please note that some states have shorter lengths of time available to complete courses. Contact your state licensing board to ensure that you have the most up-to-date information.

Attendance Policy:

To get credit for a course, you must complete 100% of the course. Under no circumstances will you receive any credit for courses in which 100% of the lessons were not completed and/or the final exam was not passed. We do not have a leave of absence policy or probationary period.

Additionally, if a course requires a final exam, the student will be required to pass that final exam. Information on the final exam requirements may be found in the Course Instruction Page under the Course Document tab. All pre-licensing and qualifying courses require a final exam. However, for continuing education courses, final exam requirements vary depending the regulatory requirements by state. Information on the final exam requirements may be found in the Course Instruction Page under the Course Document tab.

Entrance Requirements:

All students must be at least 18 years of age and have either a high school diploma or its equivalent in order to receive credit for this course.

Refund Policy:

You have the right to cancel your registration for any reason up to seven (7) business days from the date of purchase. Requests for cancellation of a registration must be made by contacting our school directly by phone, fax, or email. The request must be received by our school before midnight of the seventh calendar day from the date of purchase.

Student Conduct Policy:

Students are expected to act in a manner, which will reflect well on themselves, the school, and the real estate profession. Students will be expected to have the highest possible ethical standards and conduct themselves accordingly. The school has the right to dismiss any student which fails to adhere to and observe school regulations, is involved in illegal or unethical practices, is dishonest regarding completion of education (cheating on exams), or cannot meet the standards of the school's approved academic and attendance requirements.

Student Services and Rights:

Upon successful completion of a course, each student will receive an official completion certificate. To request additional copies of a completion certificate, please contact OnCourse Learning Real Estate, formerly Career Webschool. There are no fees for additional copies. Student transcripts will be provided upon written request. OnCourse Learning Real Estate, formerly Career Webschool does not provide job placement services.

Technical Support:

You can contact Tech Support at 800-743-8703 or email them at Their hours of operations are Monday through Friday: 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM (CST). Email support is available during normal business hours. Emails received after normal business hours will be answered the following business day. Before you call, please be prepared to explain your problem in detail and have access to your computer. In order to effectively troubleshoot your issue, our technicians begin the call by asking you a series of questions regarding your operating environment. We will need to know what type of computer you are using, the operating system you are using, the version number of any associated software. Your calls may be documented or monitored to help us maintain quality of service standards.

Systems Requirement:

Minimum System Requirements:

Internet connection (minimum 56Kbps required, although we highly recommend a high speed connection such as DSL, cable, or T1)
Printer (for course documentation and student affidavit)

For Windows PC

Intel® Pentium® III 1GHz or faster processor, Intel® Pentium® 4 2GHz or faster
Microsoft® Windows® XP, Windows® Vista®, or Windows® 7
512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)

For Mac OS

Intel Core™ Duo 1.83GHz or faster processor
Mac OS X v10.5 or v10.6
512MB of RAM (1GB recommended)


The following are free downloads required in order to use the Showcase player.
Adobe Acrobat Reader 5.0 or greater
Flash Player plug-in
Adobe AIR
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or greater (OnCourse Learning does not support any beta versions of Internet Explorer)

For IPads or Tablets:

An app that allows flash to play: recommendations Puffin Web Browser or Photon Flash


OnCourse Learning and its schools do not discriminate against any student on the basis of gender, race, color, religion, sexual orientation, age, or disability.

School Records Retention:

Student records will be kept for a period of five (5) years (unless a regulatory board requires a longer period of time). While our school administration department will try and accommodate any records request, it cannot be guaranteed to have your records available after the five-year period.