Considering a Career in Real Estate?

Offices of real estate agents and brokers were named the fastest-growing industry based on a study by Sageworks, a financial information company.

A career in real estate allows you freedom—the freedom to be your own boss, to set your own schedule and to control your earnings. There is no limit to how much any hardworking, goal-oriented agent can make. The sky truly is the limit in the real estate industry. It does take effort and commitment though. In real estate, you also have the potential to become a broker one day which gives you the option of starting your own business.

Offices of real estate agents and brokers were named the fastest-growing industry based on a study by Sageworks, a financial information company.

Career Webschool strives to make your real estate education as simple and effective as possible. All of our courses are online, mobile accessible, and self paced so you can study on your own terms, whenever and wherever you like. Additionally all of our courses contain our Mastery and Fluency methodology which has resulted in an Extremely High Pass Rate for our students.

Mbition has accreditations from the following organizations:

  • Arello Accreditation Real Estate School
  • IDECC Accreditation Real Estate School
  • TAF Accreditation Real Estate School

Don't like the idea of being chained to a cubicle? Unlike many regular 9am-5pm Monday through Friday jobs, each day as an agent is different. The role is a social one, and working nights and weekends comes with the job. Love to socialize? Being a people-person is crucial to the success of an agent. Real estate professionals play an important role in the lives of their clients as buying a home is a personal experience. The ability to build quality relationships and trust is vital.

At Mbition, formerly Career Webschool, we value freedom and flexibility, too. All our real estate pre-licensing courses are online and self-paced so you can study on your own terms, whenever and wherever you like. There is no classroom time required at all—meaning you can complete your education from the comfort of your own home, your favorite coffee shop, on your lunch break or whatever works best for you.

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Ready to become a real estate agent? Get your real estate license online with Mbition. Our real estate school’s high quality standards not only best prepare you to satisfy your career objectives, but our top rated real estate education platform also enables you to complete your real estate education courses on any device and in your own self-paced environment—no classroom time required.

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Mastery and Fluency

We are experts in instructional design. Our scientifically-based learning process enables you to “master” the material and be “fluent” enough that you are able to quickly answer related questions. Lessons are taught in small, digestible learning segments. After each segment, you will be immediately questioned about the content which will help you retain it.

This repetition is key in the learning and mastery of new concepts. Instead of presenting you with information and hoping that you learn it, our Mastery & Fluency methodology requires that you demonstrate an understanding of the material before moving you along to another section of the course.

As a result of the thoroughness of our unique methodology, there is no need for you to take notes. Instead, you can focus solely on learning the content. Our Mastery & Fluency methodology courses have resulted in a much higher than average pass rate.

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Quality Guarantee

At Career Webschool, we have complete confidence in both our courses and our students. That’s why all of our prelicense packages that contain exam preparation and Mathmaster come with our Quality Guarantee.

In the instance that one of our students does not pass the state exam on the first try, Career Webschool will reimburse that student for their second state exam fee. To be eligible for reimbursement, the student must take the state exam within 1 year of completing our course and must have also passed all our course exams with a grade of at least 80%*. Eligibility also requires that students have completed both the exam preparation and Mathmaster portions of the prelicense package.

*Each course exam must have a minimum score of 80%. An average of 80% or more with an individual course exam below 80% does not qualify.

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View Available Courses