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    Math is a big part of real estate! Make sure that your skills and knowledge are up-to-date. MathMaster is designed to help you develop strong skills in real estate math--helping to ensure success on your state exam!
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
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    Technology Trends in Real Estate

    The technology landscape changes quickly, and this rapid change can have significant consequences for the real estate professional. In order to perform at their best, real estate professionals need to stay ahead of these trends. This course helps to bring focus to the technological innovations that are most relevant to real estate practice. The course will discuss trends in software, social…

    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • Credit Hours: 3
    • SKU: 503AL199001
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    National Real Estate Prep xL - AMP

    Prep xL by OnCourse Learning is a sophisticated exam prep tool that leverages adaptive learning technology to tailor study materials to meet your individual needs. Its personalized learning paths provide the optimal study experience to prepare you for the national information on your upcoming real estate license exam.

    Prep xL features:

    • Customized study plan including daily goals that adapt…
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
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    Alabama Reciprocal Broker Prelicense Course (FOR BROKERS ONLY)

    Already a broker in another state and looking to expand your reach to Alabama? This course is just for you then! Designed specifically for your needs, this online real estate pre license course fulfills Alabama's education requirement for brokers seeking reciprocity in Alabama. Please note that completion of this 6 hour course is mandatory before taking the Alabama Real Estate Broker State Exam.…
    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 6
    • SKU: 502AL041001
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    Alabama Broker Prelicense

    Gain more stability. Further your real estate career. Become an Alabama real estate broker! This course contains all 60 hours and the exam needed to make your goal a reality and fulfill the Alabama education requirement for current Alabama agents seeking to become brokers. Subjects include license law for Alabama, real property valuation, commercial real estate, contracts, compiling documents,…
    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 60
    • SKU: 502AL040001
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    Alabama Renewal Package for Salespersons 1

    Fulfill the Alabama requirement for real estate CE for a broker or a salesperson with this package.

    This renewal package contains the following 4 courses:

    1. Tax Advantages of Home Ownership
    2. Short Sales and Foreclosure
    3. Risk Management Avoiding Violations: Level 1
    4. Risk Management for Salespersons: Level 2
    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 15
    • SKU: 503AL113001
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    Preparing to Use Your Real Estate License

    This course fulfills the requirement for real estate post license education for the state of Alabama. The focus of this 30 hour course is on foundation sales skills including constructive exercises such as creating contracts, real estate listings, seller's net sheets and qualifications of the buyer. This course is aimed to offer additional understanding of day-to-day actions completed by a real…
    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 30
    • SKU: 505AL024001
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    Alabama "The Works Deluxe" Package with Virtual Study Program

    It's okay to be an overachiever!

    The Alabama "The Works Deluxe" Package has everything in it from "The Works" packages PLUS, the hardcover reference textbook Real Estate: An Introduction to the Profession.

    Make sure that you are set up for success for both the state exam and your future career in real estate. The book serves as an excellent quick and reliable reference throughout a real estate…

    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 60
    • SKU: 501AL097001
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    National Real Estate Exam Prep: The SMART Guide to Passing

    Be smart. Have confidence in yourself and your real estate knowledge. With more than 20 years in the real estate education field, we applied our research, expertise and experience to build an exam prep course comprised of the major testing formats and questions found in real estate state exam testing.This includes the ten crucial topics found on all testing service exams as well as the majority…
    • Format: Online - Self Paced
    • SKU: 509AL013001
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    Alabama Renewal Package for Salespersons 2

    Need to complete your Alabama real estate CE requirement?

    This package fulfills the 15-hour requirement for both broker and salespersons. It contains the following 4 courses:

    1. Green Home Features,
    2. Cost Approach Overview
    3. Risk Management for Salesperson: Level 2
    4. Risk Management Avoiding Violations: Level 1
    • Format: Bundle
    • Credit Hours: 15
    • SKU: 503AL114001